Hihi and welcome to my website! You can barely call it that, but I thought I'd leave something up so people can see why I'm here. I am an avid fan of neocities and any other forms of personal expression through the wide world of web development, but I'm not a heavy participant in it. Atleast not here. Learning how to code can be a very complicated thing, as it takes time and passion. Coding is not a heavy interest of mine, and even if it was I simply haven't the time nor resources to start learning how. I made an account though so I could browse all the sites of people who DO have a passion for coding, because it is SUPER cool seeing the fruits of your labor! I love seeing all the original handmade themes, as well as all the cool things you guys slap on your webpages from 14 volume gothic poetry books to beanie boo collections. So I made myself a little corner just to watch, and admire it all. Plus, the neocities community is so close knit, as well as supportive and kind! So I thought, "why not stick around?". So here I am. I've met some pretty cool people, some of which I've befriended. But I won't drone on and on- just thought I should explain! Not exactly an outsider, but not exactly an insider either. Just here. I do have a website, but it's under construction and I use a different hosting service. Thanks for stopping by though, have a good day! :P